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Estimated delivery is time 2-14 working daysTo avoid storing or making products in vain, some of the bags are only produced after your order is placed.

Sustainability is our key value. To avoid storing or making products in vain, some of the bags are only produced after your order is placed. The production of the bag starts right after order and is guaranteed to be delivered to you as soon as possible. 

We aim to ship all orders quickly, within the same day of the order or the next working day. Sometimes there might be delays since we are a team of four but we are doing our best to deliver your order to you quickly and smoothly. 


Shipping is included in the price. 



We only ship to EU and EEC adresses. We reserve the right to cancel your order and decline to ship to addresses outside of EU or EEC countries. We are working to be able to offer international shipping, but can already discuss exceptions. The terms of these exceptions are negotiated case by case and to which the terms of this policy are not applied. If you have questions you can contact us



We use Finnish Posti and its international equivalents for the deliveries. You will receive an email from postal office when the package is about to arrive. The package arrives to the nearest postal office to you. Some exceptions may occur. We reserve the right to use other carriers or operators to ship your order if necessary. 



We offer you 14 day return and money back guarantee. 

The item must be returned in its original packaging and in their original condition, all delicate parts covered from possible scratches during the shipping. We do not offer standard exchanges. 

To avoid any unnecessary cutting of trees for paper, we will mail you the return code or shipping tag when needed. To make the return, please contact

We refund the full price of your order including VAT when we have received it in unharmed condition. We can’t unfortunately provide free returns. 


Feel free to contact us in any questions you might have concerning the shipping and returns to: 

+358 41 544 6095