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Cuitu is a Finnish fashion brand that creates modern accessories for urban nomads. We have a strong passion to develop the most sustainable practices to produce ready-to-wear-fashion. This is driving us to explore opportunities across industries on local and international scale. Cuitu is playful, but functional. You will always find oversized details, tech-vibes, signature patterns and high quality materials throughout what we create.

Our modern (sustainability)

Our modern (sustainability)

Cuitu is a modern actor in the global playing field of sustainable fashion. For Cuitu, the word ‘modern’ reflects the company’s attitude towards sustainability: the entire business model has been built around it. Sustainability is a norm and a baseline for us, on which we reflect all our decisions. It is transparency, quality and functionality. We do research, calculate and compare. Therefore Cuitu is always a promise of responsibly created items.

Our modern ways reflect to our company culture as well. We value curiosity and it represents our philosophy to starting up in this industry. By collaborating with people from different industries who share our vision, we can raise awareness towards better consumerism in fashion.


We take the environment into account in every operation we do. Therefore, we also design responsibly. Through curious and innovative mindset we are able to utilise even the most tiniest surplus and we aim to zero waste policy. Core of our design is creating pieces that capture the essence of trendiness without having to make compromises on sustainability. The functionality, timelessness and high quality of our items disrupts the seasonal nature of fashion industry and therefore investing in our pieces is worthwhile. Our design is always androgynous meaning that it is one size and unisex. Androgynous fashion is researched to be one of the attributes of creating sustainable fashion. 


Our objective is to create items that can live through generations. Nothing to throw away or replace is an advantage for the environment. Creating long-lasting items requires durable materials. This is why we use high-performing materials some of which are designed to function in the most demanding environments. Most of our materials are upcycled surplus from other industries like life-saving or waste product transformed to a completely new composition prior use. We embrace the surplus as it is and no refinishing to the surface is done. We continue to choose materials with the lowest environmental impact.


We want to work with the most skilled professionals who are also one step ahead the industry when it comes to the environment. We produce socially responsibly which means workers are offered fair working hours, fair working conditions and wage. At the moment our manufacturing is local in Turku. We want to make sure we only produce by necessity to minimise the burden caused for the environment. Therefore, some of our products are made with Assemble-to-order (ATO) principle in mind. 

To make sure we collaborate with partners who share our values we visit their factories prior forming partnership. We compare their performance to our social and environmental standards alongside their technical capability before taking the decision to proceed.

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