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Our purpose as a company is to combine playful and trendy vibes with EGOlogical* and ecological aspects in clothing and accessories. “NO MORE compromises”, said the conscious fashionista.

*WE FEEL YOU! Who wants to give up being trendy to become ecological? We are breaking fresh in the fashion industry, with our crazy cool ideas of circular fashion. Join us now and get off the hook!

We are not yet huge and legitimate, but our intentions are PURE. We believe that the tail is wagging the dog, not the other way around. Our ultimate goal is to become a groundbreaking brand with an impact in the fashion industry. We combine a unique design with innovative material solutions across industries. We aim to create pieces that go with almost everything you wear, anywhere. (Or then they don’t, but you make them go.)


Here are the brains behind the brand.

Here are the brains behind the brand.

Moona Haapala

Materials, Corporate Relations

Evi Oivanen

CEO, Designer

Vilma Piironen

Legal, Social Media

Anna Kytövuori

PR, Visuals

The name “cuitu”

The name of Cuitu is a combination of material aspect and the philosophy of Cuitu to solve the issues in the fashion industry and to provide better alternative options. 

The word ‘cuitu’ written with ‘k’ instead of ‘c’ is Finnish and means ‘fiber’. We wanted to include the material aspect in the name of our company because we pay close attention to the fibers we use.

Then again, ’cuitu’ written with ‘c’ is derived from the Latin word ’circuitus’ which means ‘circuit’ or ‘cycle’. This represents the idea of Cuitu supporting circular economy. The whole life cycle of the product is important, from raw materials to life after usage.


From personal shame to business

We know what we are talking about, because we have over ten years experience of being a sh*tty consumer buying clothes and promoting use-once-and-dispose culture. The situation is complicated because we want to be on top of trends, but also to choose more sustainable options.

The dilemma is, that there just aren’t enough sustainable yet trendy options available. That’s why we decided to get what we wanted and put up a brand ourselves.

We have an eternal hunger to explore the unexpected, create fashion pieces of experimental materials and make them available for everyone!


On the product page (coming soon!) you’ll find the origin of every material, component and production place of each product. We are honest with you. If we don’t know something, we’ll tell you that too. Let’s see if we can solve it together! 

Design is our PRIOrity no.1

Design is where it all begins. Design is not only how the product looks but how it adapts to your everyday life. When it comes to fashion, we feel you can rarely say trendy and ecological in the same breath, but wait for it, on 28th November you’ll find out what takes your breath away.

s a v e   t h e   d a t e !

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