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brand story

From personal shame to business

We know it’s bad to buy fast-fashion and to promote use-once-and-dispose culture, but still we all have done it. The underlying reason is we want to be on top of trends and look good, so obviously, we buy what is available.

However, we do want to change our consumption habits to become more sustainable. That is how we came up with the idea behind Cuitu. Trendy sustainable products aligned with fast fashion’s fear of missing out effect.


Here’s our team that is fully committed to make a change in fashion industry.

Here’s our team that is fully committed to make a change in fashion industry.

Moona Haapala

Materials, Corporate Relations

Evi Oivanen

CEO, Designer

Vilma Piironen

Legal, Social Media

Anna Kytövuori

PR, Visuals


The name of Cuitu is a combination of material aspect and the philosophy of Cuitu to solve the discrepancy of fast fashion and sustainability.

The word ‘cuitu’ written with ‘k’ instead of ‘c’ is Finnish and means ‘fiber’. We wanted to include the material aspect in the name of our company because we pay close attention to the fibers we use.

Then again, ’cuitu’ written with ‘c’ is derived from the Latin word ’circuitus’ which means ‘circuit’ or ‘cycle’. This represents the idea of Cuitu supporting circular economy. The whole life cycle of the product is important, from raw materials to life after usage.



The total consumption of textiles is naturally increasing due to the population growth. Currently, many harmful materials such as plastic and cotton are considered self-evident choices when it comes to the materials, whereas products made out of ecological and resource-efficient materials are a minority. People are forced to take part in the self-destructive thread of the textile industry since the options to make better choices are rare

We understand that changing consumer behavior is a tough thing to do. That is why we offer better alternative options.


We believe our customers deserve to know where and how their products are produced. Therefore, we want to offer full transparency in our value chain and pricing. 

all about design

Our value proposition is that our customers do not have to compromise between sustainability and trendiness. Based on our marketing survey: “Ecological products are often bought for the sake of environmental values, not because they are trendy” and that is why Cuitu is all about design. In an ideal situation, we manage to attract even those consumers that wouldn’t primarily care about green values to make ecological purchase decisions.

We offer timeless yet trendy pieces. Cuitu combines textures with unisex shapes and cool vibes. 

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