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| huhti 10, 2019 | CUITU

Welcome to our website! Let me briefly introduce the story behind our business. One year ago, I wrote an article for our university magazine about the growing business opportunities Finnish material innovations potentially can provide us in the near future. One year passed and the idea of someday being able to utilize these exciting innovations in a fashion-inspired business never left my mind. Be it then due to luck or divine interventions, when in January this year I attended a university startup course, and found four other like-minded people who also shared the same values as I did. We soon found out that the team provided complementing skills to each other including law, chemistry, design, engineering, and social media marketing.

The team worked rigorously on our newfound ideas – we conducted market research, contacted key players within the industry and figured out what would be our role within the industry. It all became clear very fast: we wanted to create a fashion brand which utilizes and commercializes new material innovations and does its part in transforming the unsustainable fashion industry into a more ecological one through full-transparency and more sustainable raw-material production and refining.

An amazing team needs an amazing name. We wanted the name to be as simple as possible and to be related to the sustainable materials we would use. First, we thought of using Kuitu, which means fibre in Finnish, but due to legal reasons, it was not possible. However, by changing the first letter to C, we found that cuitu is a word for “detour” in Latin. This summarizes our entire business idea in just one word: We want to create a detour from the self-destructive threat of the textile industry towards more conscious consuming.

We believe everyone should have the right to consume and be fashionable, without having to feel guilty about it. The current situation is truly a mess. I hear people complaining about how they have already filled their drawers with clothing and yet still they are in fitting rooms promising themselves to start a personal buy-ban after this “one last purchase”. It has become obvious that people are not going to stop consuming and updating their wardrobes, especially if they are interested in following the continuously emerging trends in fashion. There are many companies trying to tackle problems related to the threats of the unsustainable textile industry and many of them have a focus on utilizing the existing waste. I find it very important, since the waste already exists, we must find a way to re-use it. Unfortunately, these efforts do not solve the initial problem of textile producers using unsustainable materials in immense production volumes.

Don’t you think that we should try to tackle the root cause of the unsustainability issue and try to change the way fashion is produced? We believe that we should give more value to choosing which raw materials are used. For the sake of our environment, they should be worth much more than a couple of euros per kilo. We love fashion and therefore we do not want this industry to stay on its current self-destructive path. We wish to bring it to a brighter future where fashion continues to provide inspiring experiences and enabling people to show their personality with textiles that are produced from sustainable materials. We aim to become a groundbreaking example of a fashion brand which requires sustainability as a top priority in the whole process; from producing materials to creating trendy clothing, and providing customers full-transparency in the supply chain. We want to set an example on how this industry will work in an uncompromising sustainable way.


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